Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Rainy Days" Call of Cthulhu Campaign Summary, Session 1

Hey y'all. I was a GM for another RPG session on Monday night, this time with some friends in my singles ward. I'm going to give a brief summary of what happened here, instead of doing it line for line like previous posts.

Session 1

 In Buffalo, New York, there has recently been a series of ritualistic murders. The police have caught the culprit, but since then an unusual torrent of rain has pummeled the city. The investigators are responding to an advertisement asking for people interested in the supernatural. They come to the place--a basement apartment--and meet a disheveled old man who wants to investigate the murders further. He thinks it has to do with ancient Celtic religion (i.e. Druids). First they investigate the site of one of the murders and find signs of unusual lightning strikes. Then they go to the police station and have one of the characters--a professor--pretend to be doing a study in order to get them to let him interview the culprit. They do, and when he and two others talk to him, he grudgingly reveals (over time) that it was part of a plan to get the world to end.

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